»An invitation

for a break«

mindo 115




A comfortable companion always ready to be part of your break. This lounge chair is built around a simple idea. By use of a strong fabric, seat and back is created over a strong aluminium frame. This creates an open and welcoming lounge chair that has character without taking over the area it will be placed within. The closer you get, the more details with reveal. The fabric is quilted to support the welcoming look. Here you will feel at home, when enjoying a moment on your own.

Joeri Reynaert

Lounge Chair

Lounge chair details

Ref 30049

Width: 81 cm / 31.8 inches

Depth: 78 cm / 30.7 inches

Height: 86 cm / 33.8 inches

Seat height: 42,5 cm / 16.7 inches


mindo 115